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49 CFR Part 40 details drug and alcohol testing for organizations within the transportation industry. An
overview and the document’s entirety can be viewed on the Department of Transportation’s website at:

Types of Testing:

    • Pre-Employment: Before a prospective employee can perform a safety sensitive function or be

      included in a consortium, the employer must receive a negative test result.
    • Reasonable Suspicion/Cause: If a trained supervisor has reason to believe that an employee

      has violated the DOT policy on drugs and alcohol, the employee must submit to testing.
    • Random: The DOT requires safety sensitive employees be tested for drugs at a rate of 50% annually.
      Selections are made monthly by a computer program and the designated employer representatives are
      notified via a letter.
    • Return to Duty: After testing positive, an employee must re-test before returning to safety

      sensitive functions.
    • Follow-Up: A testing program set up by a substance abuse professional to help an employee resolve    

      drug use associated problems, usually done over the course of 12 months.
    • Post Accident: Testing will include both drugs and alcohol if certain criteria are met.

If an Employee Tests Positive or Refuses a Test:

    • The employer is required to remove the employee immediately from safety-sensitive functions and that
      employee cannot return to DOT safety-sensitive functions until evaluated by a Substance Abuse
      Professional (SAP) and treatment is completed. A follow up evaluation must also be completed along
      with a negative drug/alcohol test. The employee will also be subject to follow up testing over the

      course of 12 months under direct observation.

A link to this portion of the DOT site, can be found here: http://www.dot.gov/odapc/employee#violate 

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